What NFL Games Will Be Televised in My Area?

The “506 Sports” website is a tool that lists where National Football League games are being broadcast in a certain area. Go to the website to determine which games are being locally aired, as the NFL does not broadcast all games in every area each week.

The National Football League consists of a regular season that starts after Labor Day and ends 17 weeks later, followed by a post-season playoff series that lasts 5 weeks and ends with the Superbowl championship. Over the 17 weeks of the regular season, each team plays 16 games and gets one week off. The bulk of NFL games are played on Sundays, but games are also played Thursday, Saturday and Monday nights. Because there are so many games being played on Sundays, local stations do not air every single game each week. To find out which games will be aired in a certain area, either search the local listings of stations that typically play NFL games, such as CBS or Fox, or use the 506 Sports website.

Go to the 506 Sports website and click on the “NFL” link on the top right. A list of games, dates and stations will be displayed that will show what games are being aired on which stations locally. The website automatically retrieves the area that the computer’s IP address is coming from and lists all local NFL game broadcasts.