What Is a Nextbook Tablet?

Nextbook tablets are tablet computers that run on either Android or Windows operating systems. They are easily portable alternatives to traditional laptops and feature touch screens rather than keyboards and mice for navigation.

Some models do support a Pogo keyboard and trackpad mouse base for things that require such hardware, such as gaming or large amounts of typing. Nextbook tablets have wi-fi capabilities, and some also support Bluetooth devices for additional wireless connectivity. Due to their mobile-friendly operating systems, these tablets have fully-functional app stores where users can download free and paid-for apps to improve their experiences on their devices.

Some Nextbooks feature mini HDMI cables that let users connect their devices to external screens for presentations, viewing video or projecting other images to a larger surface. Most of these tablets feature motion sensors, built-in speakers and a built-in camera, with some models sporting both a forward and backward facing camera. Tablets have some storage space built in, and most have expandable memory via SD and micro SD card slots, so users have control over how much data they can store. The Nextbookusa.com website has a cache of how-to videos that gives users a look at the features of Nextbook Tablets.