What Is the Next Step After Beating the 5th Gym Leader in Pokemon Emerald?

gaelx/CC-BY-SA 2.0

After beating the 5th Gym Leader Norman, the player should proceed to the house of Wally’s parents to receive HM03 Surf. With HM03 Surf, players will have the ability to explore other areas in the game that were previously inaccessible.

Some players, especially those inexperienced with Pokemon games, are often stumped after beating Gym Leader Norman and earning the Balance Badge. The game becomes less intuitive for novice players after the Balance Badge Quest as it requires players to backtrack in order to proceed. The following steps below help players get to the next stage of the game, which is the Feather Badge Quest.

Step 1: Go to the House of Wally’s Parents

After beating Norman and earning the Balance Badge, the player should leave the the gym and go the the house of Wally’s parents. As a reward for helping out Wally, the parents will hand the player HM03, which gives Pokemon the Surf move.

Step 2: Explore Route 104

The player must go down Route 104 and explore the path where Briney took them previously, exiting Rustboro City to the west and heading to the beach. Once the player reaches the beach and teaches a Pokemon HM03 Surf, he must move southwards and will soon find himself on Route 105.

Step 3: Begin the Feather Badge Quest

Once on Route 105, the player can now begin the Feather Badge Quest. It starts by battling Swimmer Dawn and Swimmer Beverly. The Pokemon that can be captured on Route 105 are Tentacool, Wingull, Wailmer, Pelipper and Magikarp.