What Is the New Jersey Disability P30 Form?

New Jersey disability form P30 is entitled “Request to Claimant for Continued Claim Information” and is used by the state to indicate changes in disability status. It is one of many forms issued by the state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development as of 2015.

New Jersey offers temporary disability insurance, or TDI, to employees who become disabled by non-work-related conditions or illnesses. If a worker is disabled for longer than seven days, he can apply for TDI. However, he must report his disability to the state for as long as it persists.

The state mails a claimant form P30 after he begins receiving disability insurance payments. If he returns to work or recovers from his disability, he must report this on the form. Form P30 should be mailed back to the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development for processing. If the form goes missing or never arrives, the claimant can request a new copy by calling the department.