How Do You Find the Network Security Key for a Wireless Router?

Find the network security key for a wireless router by checking the product label on the bottom or back of the router, which contains the default network name and key as per its factory settings. Find the key on Windows by looking in the Network and Internet menu within the Control Panel, or in the Keychain Access area of Utilities on a Mac.

Wireless routers protect access to the network using a security key. Most routers use the default name and security key as part of their basic settings, with the information appearing on the router or on a special card that comes with the device. To locate the default security key, look for a small label on the device that contains one or two barcodes and the term “Security Key” or “Network Key.” The key appears near the barcode next to the appropriate label.

To find the security from a Windows computer, launch the Control Panel and open the View Network Status and Task option within the Network and Internet menu. Right-click on the router entry, then click Properties to view the key. On a Mac, click the Go option in the status bar while on the Finder application and choose Utilities. Choose Keychain Access, then select your network to view the security key.