What Is a Net Driver Hpz12?

The service known as Net Driver HPZ12 belongs to the 32-bit HP CIO components or 32-bit HP BiDi channel developed by Hewlett-Packard. It is common to see this service running on computers on which Hewlett-Packard printers, scanners or copiers are installed. This process can be viewed on the Services tab in the Windows control panel.

Sometimes Net Driver HPZ12 is listed as Dot4Net Module. Regardless of the name, the service is still responsible for the same tasks. If computer users are experiencing problems with their Net Driver HPZ12 service, they can disable it, because it’s not essential for Windows to operate. When viewing the file on the Services tab, there is no description of the service. To delete the file manually, users can locate the file in C:WindowsSystem32. The size of the file is roughly 43,520 bytes but can be as large as 4,195,067 bytes.

Another service that goes along with Net Driver HPZ12 is PML Driver HPZ12. This service is usually found on Windows computers that have some kind of Hewlett-Packard product installed. The job of the PML Driver HPZ12 service differs slightly from that of the Net Driver HPZ12 because the PML Driver HPZ12 prevents Windows from going into hibernation when the installed Hewlett-Packard product is in use.