Where Are Nerf Guns Made?

Nerf guns are designed and engineered at the Hasbro toy company headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and manufactured at a factory in Hong Kong. Nerf’s projectile-firing guns are better known as blasters.

The first Nerf blaster, the Nerf Blast-a-Ball, was introduced in 1989. As of 2015, blasters are the most popular Nerf products. The toy plastic guns are designed to shoot foam balls, darts and other projectiles. Blasters are available with extra attachments and barrel extensions, fully automatic firing and advanced ammunition capacity.

Parker Brothers created the original foam Nerf balls in 1969 and sold more than four million in the first year. Hasbro, which bought the Nerf brand in 1991, sold more than $400 million worth of Nerf products in 2011.