What Are the Negative Side Effects of Reliv?

One of the primary ingredients in Reliv Now, lunasin, reportedly has no known side effects, based on a study cited by ConsumerLab.com. The study was not conducted on humans, but on cell lines and animals. Reliv Now does contain soy and soy isoflavones that may cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. Women who are pregnant, nursing, or have breast cancer should avoid soy isoflavones.

Licorice extract, another ingredient in Reliv Now, can cause premature delivery when consumed by pregnant women, according to WebMD. Licorce extract can also cause high blood pressure, hypokalemia, kidney disease and loss of libido in men. Because licorice extract may have an estrogen-like function in the body, it should not be consumed by women who are pregnant, nursing or have been diagnosed with a hormone-dependent type of cancer. Licorice can also interact with a number of prescription medications, which may lead to dangerous side effects, so it is important that those on other medications consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking a product that contains licorice root extract. Another ingredient in Reliv Now, rutin, can cause stomach upset, flushing, and headaches, says WebMD.

Reliv Now, according to its manufacturer, contains lunsain, a protein extracted from soy, as well as vitamins, minerals, soy and various herbal ingredients such as rosehips, licorice root extract, rutin, and garlic. The manufacturer claims that regular use of the product can lower cholesterol, increase leptin levels, and promote weight loss and general good health.