What Is Needed for Consumer Cellular Activation?

To activate a Consumer Cellular account, the user needs the phone itself, the activation number, the requisite phone number and an optional list of people using the phone. The user should also have an idea what they want to spend monthly, as selecting a plan is part of the process.

First, navigate to the Consumer Cellular activation screen where you are presented with the pertinent fields. The two required ones are the activation number, found on the reverse side of the phone’s original packaging, and the phone number. Most users are likely allowed to use the cell phone numbers they are currently using, if their accounts with previous providers are closed. As of 2012, Consumer Cellular does not charge an activation fee.

Consumer Cellular allows users to customize their own plans extensively, with voice plans starting at as little as $10 US per month. Customers can then pay in $15, $20, $30 or $40 dollar increments, or can simply opt to pay $50 per month for unlimited usage. Text and data plans are gauged separately, with a minimum plan of 300 texts costing $2.50. The highest plan, 4 GB of web data and unlimited texts, runs the customer $40 a month.

Once the proper information is registered, the plan selected and paid for, the customer is able to proceed toward activation.