What Is Needed to Find an Army UIC?

The easiest way to locate an Army Unit Identification Code is to contact a Unit Commander or other appropriate individual. Knowing the UIC is particularly useful for family members or those involved with Family Readiness Groups.

The UIC is a six digit code that identifies each unit within the Department of Defense. It is not limited to the Army. However, Army UICs are used to identify active, reservist and National Guard units. Each portion of the code has a meaning.

  • First character: service designator. “W” is the designator for the Army
  • Next three characters: parent unit designator. Used to provide information about the unit type
  • Last two characters: descriptive designator. Used to give specific unit characteristics

The UIC is utilized by Family Readiness Groups (FRGs), which are official organizations designed to facilitate communication between active personnel and their loved ones. FRGs provide information to family members and give them a way to connect to the unit in which their active member serves. It has been designed to support active personnel with the knowledge that their family members have access to information when they are unable to communicate directly. Unit Commanders, Rear Detachment Commanders, Unit Staff and FRG Site Administrators have access to UIC information and are primary points of contact for that information.