Why Do We Need to Study Political Science?

MC Quinn/CC-BY 2.0

It is important to study political science because of its effects on education, healthcare, housing, jobs and conflict with other nations. Understanding political science helps to develop analytical and professional skills related to politics. Knowing about these things helps individuals who study political science to understand and articulate particular political outcomes.

Studying political science helps build experience working with diverse communities to accomplish specific goals. It also requires reading relevant literature and expressing views through writing; these activities help develop skills in critical thinking. Reading through such literature also helps to develop research and analytical skills that are useful to all professions. Studying political science develops the skill of reaching conclusions and making decisions by synthesizing different sets of data. Additionally, it helps the individual to understand and become involved in national and international politics in a more comprehensive way than merely voting in an election.

Studying political science can also be beneficial to those unsure of their future careers. Dedicated study in this field develops skills that are useful in business as well as politics, which can help the student of political science to find work later in life. Political science is an particularly excellent basis for careers in law, government or international relations.