Do You Need to Read Kathy Reichs’ Books in Order?

Readers do not have to read Kathy Reichs’ novels in order because each novel covers a complete mystery from discovery to solution. Kathy Reichs writes the Temperance Brennan series of mystery novels, and co-writes the Virals young-adult mystery series with her son, Brendan Reichs.

The heroine in Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan novels works as a forensic anthropologist, and Reichs loosely based the character on herself. “Deja Dead” is the first novel in the series and won the 1997 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel. The Temperance Brennan series includes 18 novels, and the Virals series has five novels, as of 2015. Reichs also released six downloadable novellas based on the two mystery series, and some of the novellas feature characters from both series.

Kathy Reichs is one of only 82 American Board of Forensic Anthropology certified forensic anthropologists in the United States. She served on the board of directors for the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, and she is a member of the National Police Services Advisory Council in Canada. She was an expert witness in the Casey Anthony trial in 2011, and could not determine Caylee Anthony’s cause of death after performing a full skeletal analysis. Her life and mystery novels inspired the television series “Bones,” and she works as a producer for the FOX show.