Do You Need a Landline to Set up a Wireless Internet Connection?

Computer users do not need a landline to set up a wireless Internet connection. They can establish a wireless connection through a broadband Internet connection or a cellular network.

Users can set up a wireless connection at home using a wireless router. These devices connect to modems, which in turn connect to the Internet. Many newer modems have built-in routers, which can do the job of both devices at once. Users must have an Internet connection in order to hook a modem up to the Internet. However, users do not require landline connections to set up DSL, cable or fiber optic Internet connections. Although DSL connections run through phone lines, they can work independently of a landline service.

Users can establish wireless connections using cellular wireless signals. Computer users can purchase wireless USB sticks and hotspot modems to connect to laptop or desktop computers. These devices connect to the Internet via 3G, 4G or LTE connections, which are the same connections that smartphones and other mobile devices use. Some computers also include built-in 3G or 4G capabilities. Users can set up a plan with a cellular provider to access the network of their choice. In addition, users can access cellular Internet networks by tethering their computers to their smartphones.