Why Do We Need to Eat Healthy Food?

Patrizia Savarese/Photolibrary/Getty Images

People eat healthy foods because they are important sources of mineral compounds and nutrients required for a healthy body, according to livelifewell.nsw.gov.au. These nutrients provide energy and keep the heart beating, the brain active and the muscles working. Nutrients also strengthen bones, muscles and tendons and regulate body systems such as blood pressure.

The benefits of healthy foods are many. Patient.co.uk emphasizes the role of healthy eating in the prevention of some chronic diseases, such heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It further affirms the role of healthy foods in maintaining healthy body weight.

Healthy food choices entail eating a balanced diet emphasizing what the body needs, indicates Patient.co.uk. This ensures that an individual maintains normal functioning of major processes of the body. Some of these processes include food metabolism, circulation, excretion and digestion.

Healthy foods contain vitamins and other nutrients that can reduce stress, which can compromise the immune system and cause such problems as heart disease and stroke, explains Jillian Michaels’ Live Well site.

A healthy, balanced diet consists of about one-third starchy foods and one-third fruits and vegetables, said Patient.co.uk. Dairy products, milk and proteins form the remaining part of the diet. The Patient.co.uk experts recommend limiting food and drinks with high sugar or fat.