Why Do We Need Democracy?

Democracy is important because it give citizens equal opportunities to help make laws, vote for leaders and be protected by laws and rights that are in place. Democracy is a governmental structure that focuses on the rights of the citizens rather than the rights that the government has to control the citizens.

In the past, government systems like oligarchy, monarchy and even communism have been exhibited in countries around the world. Generally, these types of government have flourished for short periods of time and then failed to produce a functioning economic and social system.

Democracy allows equal rights for all. Unlike a socialist economy, the democratic government is not solely focused on making everyone equal, but allows everyone the choice to be equal with others. The government, law enforcement, lawmakers and citizens all have equal opportunities when it comes to the rules and regulations that govern the country. Citizens are able to vote for a leader they think would be acceptable to make major decisions for the country, and they are allowed to periodically choose new leaders. Countries need democracy to help keep the government from taking total control and to help give citizens equal opportunities.