Why Do You Need Coordination in Football?

Football players need good body-eye coordination in order to keep track of the moving ball, get and keep possession of the football, and move it into a scoring position. Accurate throwing, kicking, catching, running and tackling skills are required to play the game.

Different positions on the team require specialized coordination skills. The quarterback first needs to obtain the ball at the snap and scan the field for an open player, then accurately predict how far and at what angle to throw the ball. Receivers need to watch the quarterback and the defensive players blocking them, and accurately judge how to catch the ball in a way to advance their placement on the field. Skilled kickers need to kick the ball between goal posts and far out on the field to gain points and delay the opposing team.

Football players watch each other to predict which way to run, block or tackle. A running back needs excellent muscle coordination to keep hold of the ball, doge the defense, and keep his body within the restrictions of the field and the game rules. Similarly, the defensive players use their observations to command their bodies to move in the right direction to block or tackle the man with the ball.