What Is the NCI Daycare Program?

The NCI daycare program, also known as the Neighborhood Centers Incorporated program, is a federally funded childcare assistance program available to qualified residents of Texas. Eligibility for the program primarily depends on family size and monthly income. Applicants must be screened by a Workforce Solutions office in the state of Texas to determine eligibility.

In addition to income and family size, there are a few other requirements for the program. First, parents must work a minimum of 25 hours per week. Parents are also required to pay the initial daycare costs and submit proof of payment to be reimbursed. Lastly, all recipients of the NCI program must submit annual tax returns and employment records periodically to determine if they are still eligible for the program after being accepted.

If an applicant is determined to be eligible for the program, the child must be registered to attend a qualifying daycare. Licensed childcare centers and licensed home daycares qualify for the NCI program. In addition, relatives may also provide childcare after completing a thorough screening. The price of a specific daycare program does not affect the amount of childcare assistance. Instead, program participants are given the same amount of money each month, which is determined by calculating income and living expenses.