What Are Some Natural Talents?

Donald Miralle/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Some natural talents include athletics, playing golf, writing, singing and pottery. Photography, science and gardening are also natural talents. Some people are naturally better than others at doing certain things, such as training dogs, storytelling or bookkeeping.

Natural talents, as fingerprints, are unique to each individual. Some naturally talented persons include Pele (footballer), Tiger Woods (golfer) and Albert Einstein (scientist). The most successful individuals throughout history pursued their natural talents in sports, entertainment, literature or science.

Natural talents and endowments seem easy and normal to people with them and are easy to suppress to focus on studying, which is considered a more serious endeavor. For added success in life, one has to identify the activities about which they’re most passionate along with which activities they are talented. It takes a level of courage to adopt the thinking and behavior that can give life to the natural endowments in one’s work-life. To optimally utilize a natural talent, one has to identify obstacles to optimal performance, reward and satisfaction. One should avoid doing the same things many times over if he’s not realizing desired results. Cultivating a positive attitude and confidence in the capacity to succeed, and not always blaming others for failure, is helpful too.