When Is National Senior Skip Day?

Senior skip day is not a nationally designated day on the U.S. calendar. However, taking the day off or skipping school is followed by many graduating seniors. While senior skip day is not officially sanctioned by most schools, school officials are nevertheless aware that the day is celebrated every spring.

A senior skip day can be a fun day as long as school officials are also okay with the tradition. Some school districts do not allow seniors to skip, particularly if the day is scheduled after a major senior event, such as the prom. In some school districts, seniors are prevented from attending graduation if they take part in activities that interfere with testing during skip activities.

High school seniors thinking about participating in a senior skip day should review their school district’s policies before they choose a date or participate in a senior skip day activity. If the day is not recognized by administrators, it may be substituted with a recognized day off for seniors or a field trip.

Besides senior skip day, other senior traditions include the taking of senior portraits and the prom. Some proms feature a dance for both juniors and seniors while other schools hold proms that separate the two grades.