When Is National Custodian Appreciation Day?

fotofrog/E+/Getty Images

National Custodial Workers Recognition Day is celebrated each year on Oct. 2. This day is set aside to acknowledge the work done behind the scenes to keep schools, workplaces and public facilities clean and safe.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more than 2.3 million custodial and janitorial workers in the United States in 2012. Although there is no official proclamation designating Oct. 2 as National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, school districts and other employers use this day to display public expressions of gratitude or offer tokens of appreciation to their custodial workforce. One simple gesture anyone can make is by simply saying “thank you” to the custodial staff for doing an often thankless job.

The United Nations General Assembly declared Oct. 2 as the International Day of Non-Violence in honor of Mahatma Ghandi’s birthday. In addition, the date is also World Farm Animals Day and Name Your Car Day.