How Do You Get a NASCAR Hot Pass?

NASCAR hot passes are not available for sale to the general public. NASCAR issues both hot and cold passes only to those needing access to the garage throughout a race weekend. Race teams, media members and track officials are the main recipients of these credentials.

Pit passes are available for purchase at most tracks and grant the holder access to the pit road before the race. At some tracks, pit passes are available for the days before the race for events such as qualifying. Garage passes, on the other hand, are not available for purchase.

NASCAR issues hot and cold passes to the teams, to the media, and to track officials for the race weekend. Both hot and cold pass grant access to the garage areas throughout the weekend, but only those with hot passes are allowed when cars are on the track during practices, qualifying rounds and the race. Team and race sponsors divvy up the more restricted walk-through passes, that allow holders to walk through the garage area either unaccompanied or as part of a garage tour.