Who Does a Narcissist Marry?

A narcissist can marry any man or woman who agrees to the proposal. That being said, a person with this mental disorder may turn away any prospect of a stable spouse with the antisocial symptoms of narcissism. According to PsychCentral.com these symptoms include an inflated sense of self-importance, a deep need for admiration and near lack of empathy for anyone.

It would be humorous to conclude that a narcissist would like to marry a mirror. However, a narcissist does often choose a mate with qualities perceived to be enviable by others, such as a younger trophy wife or a husband with deep pockets. These relationships are not about love. They serve as a means to bolster a fragile self-esteem and promote the facade of superiority. Because the narcissist can be exploitative of others and emotionally abusive, psychologists report this personality type gravitates toward partners who are adoring, submissive, available and self-denigrating.

During the initial stages of a marriage, the narcissist may seem confident and charming, but the mental illness will eventually put the relationship to the test. Experts suggest that a person who is married to a narcissist should encourage the spouse to seek long-term psychotherapy with an experienced therapist and attend counseling as a couple.