Who Makes NAPA Batteries and What Is the Average Warranty on Them?

Although NAPA does not disclose who manufactures their own brand’s car batteries, it is believed that, as of 2013, East Penn Manufacturing makes NAPA Auto Parts’ car batteries with an average warranty of 24 months. The automotive parts retailer also sells Optima batteries.

NAPA’s warranties on car batteries differ by battery type and brand. Optima batteries have a 36-month warranty, while Legend Premium and Legend batteries have 24- and 18- month warranties respectively. All of NAPA Power batteries also have an 18-month warranty. NAPA details the warranties for all of their automotive batteries on the company website.

No matter the length of the warranty, NAPA covers a full free replacement within the warranty duration as long as the defective battery is brought into a store. The buyer can also receive a prorated replacement, i.e. partial replacement of the battery’s original price, after the term of the warranty. The retailer’s website includes several examples of how to calculate the partial replacement. NAPA will not make full or partial replacements if the battery has failed because of poor maintenance, a broken or cracked case, or damaged by explosions, fires, collisions or freezing. The store will first perform the appropriate tests with store equipment to determine that the battery is defective due to faulty workmanship or materials. If the battery needs recharging, that determination may take some time.

NAPA Auto Parts has over 6,000 locations nationwide, as well as an online store. Batteries are not available for online purchase because they cannot be shipped. However, a buyer can reserve the battery through the website and pick it up at the nearest store.