What Are the Names of Some Sour Foods?

Oranges, lemons, sauerkraut, buttermilk and limes are sour foods. Adding salt eliminates the bitterness of these foods, and sugar covers the sour taste. Sour foods contain acids that enhance tartness.

Sour foods have certain health benefits. For instance, oranges contain soluble fiber that lowers cholesterol. Citrus juice in oranges and other fruits contain vitamin C, which is crucial for fighting harmful microbes in the body. Citrus, such as lemons and limes, possess cancer-fighting properties. Citrus fruit also contains limonoids, which are organic compounds known for fighting cancer. Limonoids also give fruit a bitter or sour taste. A lime is either sour or sweet, but juice from the sour variety adds an acidic tinge to seafood, drinks, meats and vegetables. However, limes contain less vitamin C than lemons.