What Are Some Names That Rhyme With Other Words?

Some names that rhyme with other words are Brian, James, Dan, Mary and Heather. They rhyme, respectively, with “lion” and “prion,” “names” and “games,” “fan” and “man,” “hairy” and “scary,” and “weather” and “feather.”

RhymeZone.com takes a name or word as input and returns words that rhyme with it. This works best for one-syllable names such as Jack, which rhymes with “back,” “black,” “sack” and “quack.” The rhyme finder correctly gives “windy” and “indie” as rhymes for Cindy, but misses “pristine” for Christine.

Some names rhyme with phrases. Michelle rhymes with “as well” and “blood cell.” Others have near-rhymes: Lisa nearly rhymes with “pizza” and “deadwood” is close to a rhyme for Edward.