What Are Some Names of Prescription Cough Syrups?

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WebMD publishes a long list of common prescription medications used to treat the symptoms of cough. They are identified by generic name and common brand names.

At the top of the WebMD list is benzonatate, which is sold under the brand names Tessalon Perle and Zonatuss. Diphenhydramine is another medication used to treat cough and other symptoms of the common cold. This drug is sold both as a prescription cough syrup and over the counter. Common brand names include Benadryl, Sominex, Unisom, Genahist and Naramin.

Tussionex Pennkinetic ER is a combination product that contains a combination of two drugs, hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine. Acetaminophen-codeine is another combination medication used to treat cough. It is sold under the brand names Tylenol-Codeine and Vopac. Hydromet is a combination medication used to treat dry cough. This narcotic cough suppressant contains hydrocodone and homatropine. Another option is promethazine-codeine, which is also known under the brand name Phenergan with Codeine.

Promethazine-DM, a combination of dextromethorphan and promethazine, is a cough suppressant that works on the cough center of the brain, reducing the need to cough. Dextromethorphan can also be found in Bromfed DM, a combination medication that also includes pseudoephedrine and brompheniramine.

These are just some of the generic and brand names of prescription cough syrups. Many more cough syrups are available over the counter.

This information is meant as a resource only. Please contact your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you have about your health, or before starting a new medication.