What Are the Names and Personalities of Jeff Dunham’s Puppets?

Comedian Jeff Dunham’s puppets include the old curmudgeon Walter, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Jose Jalapeno on a Stick, the high energy Peanut and redneck Bubba J, as of 2015. Some of these characters incorporate additional characters into their acts; for instance, Achmed has a son named Achmed Jr., and Peanut has frequent interactions with Jose. Other characters, such as African American pimp Sweet Daddy Dee and Melvin the Superhero Guy, have been permanently retired by the comedian.

Walter is generally negative about everything, frequently employs sarcasm, and is known for having a foul mouth. His catch phrase is, “I don’t give a damn,” a barb generally aimed at Dunham or his audience. The character has appeared in every one of Dunham’s television specials.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is a failed terrorist who burned off his own flesh while attempting to set an explosive, appearing as a skeleton as a result. His catch phrase is, “I keel you.” Dunham uses this character to satirize modern terrorism. Achmed’s son, who is partially burned from an explosion, speaks with a British accent and has no desire to be a suicide bomber, much to the chagrin of his father.

Peanut is a hyperactive purple character who has no respect for anyone. His favorite targets include Jose, whom he ridicules for being on a stick, and Dunham himself. Jose speaks with a Spanish accent and frequently reminds the audience that he is on a “steek.” Peanut also introduced the character of Little Jeff, allowing Dunham to effectively make fun of himself.

Bubba J is a stereotypical white-trash, trailer-park character with very low intelligence and a fondness for beer and NASCAR. Dunham plays the stupidity of the character up, denying him even the ability to count to three.