What Are the Names of the Lost Boys in “Peter Pan”?

The original six lost boy’s in J.M. Barrie’s “Peter and Wendy” are named Nibs, Tootles, Slightly, Curly, Twin One and Twin Two. The lost boys found themselves in Neverland after falling out of their prams as babies, according to the story.

The lost boys have distinct personalities. Nibs is a debonair gentleman and Peter Pan’s unofficial second in command. Slightly is rather arrogant, Curly is a habitual troublemaker and Tootles is shy and bumbling. The Twins are not described in great detail, because Peter never knows which one is which. All of the boys long for a mother, though they have a hard time remembering what one is.

The novel states that the lost boys occasionally get killed or begin to grow up, so Peter must make room for new boys who are lost from their prams. There are no lost girls, because girls are considered too clever to fall out of their prams. At the end of “Peter and Wendy,” the six lost boys return to the Darling home with Wendy, Michael and John, and they are adopted by their parents. This does not occur in certain adaptations of the story, including the Disney movie.

Barrie based the idea of the lost boys on the five young Llewellyn-Davies brothers, whom he first met in 1897. The children were orphaned in 1910, and Barrie was made their guardian. One of the brothers was named Peter.