What Are Some Names of Famous Skunk Cartoon Characters?

quisp65/Digital Vision Vectors/Getty Images

Skunks have been prominent cartoon characters in several popular movies and television shows. Pepe LePew, an opinionated and charismatic Looney Tunes character, is the most recognizable of the famous cartoon skunk characters. Other well known cartoon skunk characters include Flower from Bambi, Odie Cologne from King Leonardo and his Short Subjects, and Petunia from Happy Tree Friends.

Each of the skunk cartoon characters’ names references the skunk’s infamous and trademark characteristic: his ability to spray an enemy with a foul smelling compound, a chemical named n-butyl mercaptan. Of these famous skunk cartoon characters, only Pepe LePew has a name that openly announces that he is, indeed, smelly. Alternatively, Petunia, Flower, and Odie Cologne all have names that display a tongue-in-cheek ignorance to the fact that they are offensively odorous.

First appearing in 1945, Pepe LePew cartoons earned critical acclaim in their heyday. One cartoon, For Scent-imental Reasons, won an Oscar in 1949. Pepe’s character was known for his male chauvinism, displayed by his continued masculine persistence in the face of feminine resistance. For this reason, it is unlikely that the Pepe LePew character or cartoons would be re-released as part of the modern revival of Looney Tunes characters, although as of 2014, the Cartoon Network has aired episodes containing Pepe as recently as 2003.