What Are Some Names of Famous Horse Riders?

Anky Van Grunsven and John Whitaker are the names of famous horse riders. Ian Stark is another famous horse rider. Famous equestrians are normally known for excelling in one specific discipline, such as dressage, cross-country, barrel racing or show jumping.

Anky Van Grunsven has won three Olympic Gold medals along with many championship titles. He has dominated the sport of dressage, having earned the title of World Cup Dressage Champion eight times.

John Whitaker has received many honors including Best International Show Jumper in England. He has also won medals at many different European and World championships, and has been partnered with well-known horses, such as Milton and Ryan’s Son.

Ian Stark is a three time Olympic medalist and a three time Badminton Horse Trial winner. He has also earned several medals in various European and World championships.