What Are the Names of the Different Generations?

The names of the different generations are the Greatest Generation, the Baby Boomers and Generation X. In addition, the Millennials are the generation that comes of age in the early 21st century.

Dr. Jill Novak of the University of Phoenix and Texas A&M University explains the generations in detail.

The oldest living generation is the Greatest Generation. News reporter Tom Brokaw takes credit for the name of the generation that includes those with birthdays between 1901 and 1926. Many members of the Greatest Generation believe that World War II is the defining event of the generation.

Baby Boomers follow the Greatest Generation. This generation leads the cultural movement of the 1960s. Baby Boomers comprise the first U.S. generation that grew up watching television. Women of this generation work outside the home in unprecedented numbers. This is also the first generation to see divorce as socially acceptable.

Generation X comes after the Baby-Boomers with birth dates ranging from 1965 and 1980. Generation X is largely socially independent because of growing up with working and divorced parents. This generation comes of age through the social challenges of the Vietnam War. Like Baby Boomers, Generation X has a high divorce rate.

Millennials have birth dates of 1982 and later. Some also call his generation The 9/11 Generation because Sept. 11, 2001, occurred when this generation entered adulthood. Although this generation sees lower crime and teen pregnancy rates than previous generations, the Millennial generation worries about school violence. Millennials prefer teamwork and shorter work hours. Millennials enjoy the digital generation and look for immediate results and fast response times.