What Are Names of Cars That Start With the Letter P?

Names of cars that start with the letter “P” include Packard, Pagani, Paige, Panoz, Panther, Peerless, Paulin, Perana, Peraves, Peugeot, PG, Phoenix, Piecha Design, Pierce Arrow, Pininfarina, Plymouth, Pontiac, Pope, Porsche, Posaidon, PP Exclusive, Premier 4509, Print Tech, Prior Design, Prodrive, Project Kahn and Protoscar. This list contains cars models and makes manufactured between 1900 and today.

Car brands that start with the letter “P” include Pelladini, Pioneer, PRB, Purvis Eureka and Python from Australia. Car brands from Brazil that begin with the letter “P’ include PAG, Pretty and Puma. South American car brands that begin with the letter “P” include Perana, Protea and Puma.

One car that begins with a “P” is the Packard. This brand was synonymous with luxury in the United States between 1899 and 1958, the years Packard cars were being produced. As of 2014, collectors and fans continue to see this brand enthusiastically.

One of the Italian car manufacturers that begins with a “P” is Pagani. This company is named after its founder Horacio Pagani, and it produces super-cars.

Porsche, another car manufacturer that begins with the letter “P,” produces German sports cars. The first Prosche was released in 1938, and is still creating cars today.