What Is the Name for a Reception After a Funeral?

The event that occurs after a funeral is generally referred to as the post-funeral reception. During this time, visitors can come to talk to the family and give them encouragement.

At post funeral receptions, the family generally accepts visitors into their home or into community social halls. These receptions are intended to help family and friends remember the loved one who has passed and enjoy the company of each other. There is often food and drinks served at these events and the food is generally provided by the family of the deceased. Friends may also be asked to bring food or may choose to offer up food at the reception. Food is sometimes served to everyone at the reception in a buffet style where everyone has the opportunity to choose what they want to eat.

It is important for family and loved ones to come together after a funeral, but it is also important to remain somber and respectful. It is acceptable to share laughter while thinking of memories, but the laughter should be kept at a respectful level. Visitors of the family should be sure to not overstay their welcome after the funeral, especially if the reception is being held in a loved one’s home.