What Is the N Hookup Game?

“The Hookup” was a flash romance-dating simulation game that was originally available to play on the games section of the official website of The N, a tween/teen-directed television cable network that was a subsidiary of the children’s cable network Noggin. The N later was taken over by Nickelodeon and was renamed TeenNick. Unfortunately the game “The Hookup” is no longer available on their website.

When The N turned into TeenNick, some of the games on their site like “Avatar High” transferred over to the TeenNick website. However, due to technical difficulties in the server switch, “The Hookup” was removed from the site. Though the game is no longer available on the TeenNick website, it can still be accessed and played at VirtualTeenager.com. In the game, you are the main character moving into a new town. You meet the young boys and girls in the town and through a series of dialogue and choices, you can spark a romantic relationship with one of the characters.

The game was created by Thup for The N and was a Western-style dating game that drew from Japanese dating game conventions and adventure game-style conversations. For instance, in “The Hookup,” during conversations in the game, there are card-game style mechanisms that exemplify this.