What Must You Do at After You’ve Been to Mt. Pyre in “Pokémon: Emerald”?

After retrieving the Magma Emblem from the top of Mt. Pyre, players should head south along Route 123 to Jagged Pass. The next major objective in the story is to find the Team Magma hideout hidden there and defeat their leader, Maxie.

Along Route 123, players can find a girl near the Berry Plants who gives them the Giga Drain technique if they have a grass Pokémon in the first slot. Players should also stop by the Berry Master’s house. On each game day, the Berry Master gives the player one random berry. His wife also gives the player two rare berries if she has learned a secret phrase from the Pokémon League.

At the end of Route 123 is Jagged Pass. The entrance to Team Magma’s hideout appears automatically when players walk into a certain area with the Magma Emblem in their inventories. Inside the hideout, players can find a number of optional items and Team Magma members to track down and battle for experience. To get to the end of the cave, players need to use the HM Strength technique to move some boulders. Maxie waits at the end of the cave with a level-34 Mightyena, a level-38 Crobat and a level-39 Camerupt that must be defeated.