What Musical Instruments Start With the Letter “I”?

Musical instruments that start with the letter “I” include the igil, ipu, Irish uillean, Irish bouzouki, ichigenkin, inci, iya, itotele and istarski mih. The instruments originate from countries ranging from Cuba and Ireland to Croatia, Japan and the Philippines.

The iya, itotele and ipu are percussion instruments. Iya and itotele drums are part of a three-piece bata drum set commonly used in Cuban music. The ipu is a handheld Hawaiian gourd instrument.

The ichigenkin, igil and Irish bouzouki are string instruments. The ichigenkin, which comes from Japan, and the Irish bouzouki are both strummed with a finger pick. The igil comes from the Tuva region of Russia and is played with a horsehair bow. The inci is a flute and the Irish Uillean and Croatian istarski mih are both versions of bagpipes.