What Musical Instruments Begin With the Letter Z?

Musical instruments that begin with the letter Z include the zampoña reed pipe, the zampogna (Italian bagpipe) and the Turkish zurna. The term zither also describes a family of European stringed instruments.

More commonly known as a panpipe, the zampoña is an early North and South American instrument most often associated with Peru. The oldest known zampoña in history is from 4200 BC. One type of panpipe, the rondador, is the national instrument of the country Ecuador. In addition to reeds, panpipes can be made from bone, ceramic, quill and cane.

Italian zampogna are most commonly associated with Christmas music and folk songs. The Italian Christmas carol, “You Come Down From the Stars,” is traditionally played with the instrument. Giant reed stalks of the Arundo donax are used to create the zampogna. Goat hide is the traditional medium for the instrument’s bag. A shorter version of the zampogna is known as the surdullina.

The zurna is a wind instrument also known as the lettish horn, surnay or birbynė. The instrument is traditionally played in Anatolian folk music. The conical instrument is made from apricot trees and is a type of oboe. A bass drum, the davul is typically featured alongside the zurna.