Why Is Muscular Endurance Important?

Muscular endurance is critical to improving stamina and increasing the amount of time you can engage in an activity without growing tired. Muscle and Performance Magazine explains that muscle endurance is important not only to professional athletes but to anyone interested in improving physical fitness and achieving exercise goals.

While many people focus on muscle building, Lean on Life explains that muscle endurance is equally important. Muscle tissue can only be increased after it’s broken down and built back up by the body’s reserves. Muscular endurance allows you to exercise more, resulting in more deconstruction and reconstruction of muscle tissue before you become tired and worn out. Muscle and Performance Magazine further explains that muscular endurance goes hand in hand with overall physical fitness, and both concepts feed into each other.

Built Lean claims there are many ways to improve muscular endurance, but not all of them will produce lasting results. The most useful tactics recommended involve slowing increasing the lifting load over time to achieve maximum benefits from a workout routine. It is possible to build muscular endurance over a relatively short period of time through strength training, increased attention to movement, progressive overload, resistance training, session intensity and allowing adequate recovery time between workouts.