What Are the Multiples of 4?

Some multiples of 4 include 8, 16, 24, 400 and 60. Any number that can be defined as the product of 4 and another number is a multiple of 4. Any number that can be evenly divided by 4 is a multiple of 4.

Integers in multiplication can be referred to as either factors or multiples depending on their use in an equation. For example, 4*8=32, so 32 is a multiple of both 4 and 8. However, 32 is not a multiple of 4 and 8. Four and 8, therefore, are factors of 32, meaning that they can be multiplied together to achieve that result. A number is only considered the multiple of another if it can be multiplied by an integer to achieve that other number. Therefore, even though 4*0.25=1, 4 is not a multiple of 1 because 0.25 is not an integer.

All of the multiples of 4 can be defined as 4*a, where a is a positive integer greater than or equal to one. Therefore, there are an infinite number of multiples for 4, since 4 could be multiplied by any integer from 1 to infinity and would yield a different result. Huge amounts of multiples can be calculated very quickly by multiple calculators.