How Do I Find Mugshots That Were Taken in Medford, Oregon?

Individuals can find mugshots for current inmates held at the Jackson County jail, located in Medford, Oregon, by visiting the jail’s website, searching for inmates by name and clicking on a name to see the inmate’s mugshot. Public record mugshots are available from the Medford police department for a fee.

Mugshots must be part of a public records database to be made accessible to the public. In Medford, Oregon, anyone can see mugshots of Jackson County jail inmates posted online for free, but mugshots are not freely available once the inmate is released from custody, as of 2015. Persons who wish to view mugshots on file can contact the police department for assistance. If the mugshot is part of a public record, Medford police are able to print photos from negatives and provide individuals with digital photographs upon request. In addition to mugshots, public record police reports are sold for a fee.

The Jackson County jail website lists inmates in alphabetical order by last name, and each listing includes details from the inmate’s arrest record including charges on file, bail amount, arrest and release dates. Generally, mugshots are unavailable when they are part of ongoing investigations. Mugshots of people arrested for federal crimes are typically not made public, because they are considered property of the federal government.