How Do You Find Mugshots From Potomac Highlands Regional Jail?

Access mugshots for Potomac Highlands Regional Jail inmates online at Click the Inmate Search link near the top left of the home page, and then enter either the first three letters of the inmate’s first and last name or the first four digits of the Offender Number.

Along with the mugshot, the search results page lists the name, offender number and location of the inmate. The More Info link located to the left of the offender number provides additional inmate details, such as the sex, height, weight, race and date of birth of the inmate. The booking date, issuing agency, case numbers, bail type and bail amount are also listed.

Potomoac Highlands Regional Jail serves the counties of Grant, Hardy, Pendleton, Hampshire and Mineral. The facility’s is located at 355 Dolan Dr, Augusta, West Virginia, 26704.