How Do You View Mugshots From the Pinellas County Jail?

View mugshots from the Pinellas County Jail by accessing commercial mugshot sites, such as The site states that the mugshots are from law enforcement agencies. The Pinellas County Jail, however, stopped posting online mugshots on its official website.

To view mugshots from the Pinellas County Jail through, navigate to the site’s homepage, and click US Counties under Categories on the top menu. Choose Florida, and then click Pinellas County under the list of counties. The site displays the mugshots of individuals arrested within the county and shows basic information, such as full name, date of birth, address and charges. It must be noted that not all individuals with mugshots on commercial and even government websites are guilty of a crime. Some individuals may be arrested, but are not convicted or are awaiting trial.

In 2014, the Pinellas County Jail removed all of the mugshots on its website because commercial mugshot sites, such as, take information from the sheriff’s website and post the data on their own sites. Many mugshot repository sites charge fees if people want to have their booking photos removed. To prevent commercial sites from taking advantage of public records, the Pinellas County Jail stopped posting booking photos of individuals incarcerated within the county jail. Other information, such as full name, booking number, charge and date of birth, are still available on the site’s database.