How Much Does a Weightlifting Bar Weigh?

Mel Curtis/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Weightlifting bars can vary in weight depending on the type of competition and the type of bar. The most widely recognized bar weight is 45 pounds, or 20 kilograms, depending on the measurement system being used.

The International Weightlifting Federation specifies a 20 kilogram bar for men and a 15 kilogram bar for women at its sponsored events, including the Olympics. These weights convert to 44.09 and 33.07 pounds respectively. At many U.S. gyms, which use the imperial weighing system, the bar weighs 45 pounds. While distinctions typically aren’t made between bars for males or females at these gyms, 35 pound bars are often available.

In addition to the primary bar weights, some special bars at different weights are available. One example is the EZ curl bar, which has a zig-zag shape. This bar typically weighs less than an Olympic-standard bar and the design allows for lifting with less stress applied to the wrists. Other bars, such as the trap and triceps models, are designed to target specific muscle groups. Since they target individual muscles rather than the whole body, these bar are typically lighter as well. Some thicker bars that weigh 55 pounds are available. These bars are designed for very heavy lifts or to develop grip strength.