How Much Water Does a 24-Foot-Round Pool Hold?

A 24-foot-round, 52-inch-deep pool holds a rounded 14,715 gallons of water if it is filled to the brim, or about 13,594 gallons if it is filled to an average depth of 48 inches. Most pools are not filled to the brim.

The formula for figuring out how many gallons of water a pool holds is as follows: diameter x diameter x water depth x 5.9, all measured in feet. For the 52-inch pool, multiply 24 x 24 x 4.33 x 5.9 for a total of 14,715 gallons. According to this formula, a 48-inch-deep pool filled to an average depth of 42 inches has 11,894 gallons of water.

It is important to accurately measure the volume of water in a pool because the chemicals used to treat the water must be added in the correct proportions. Chemical treatment keeps the water sanitary and safe for contact with swimmers and the pool itself.

Over-dilution of sanitizing chemicals, such as chlorine, bromide, calcium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite, can allow bacteria and algae to flourish. Overly high concentrations can irritate swimmers’ eyes and skin, and damage the pool’s liner.

Maintaining the proper pH, which measures the water’s acid-alkaline balance, is also important. If the water is too acidic, it burns swimmers’ eyes, reduces the chlorine’s efficiency, and clogs the filter and pump. Overly alkaline water can irritate skin and eyes, and corrode the pool’s surfaces and plumbing.