How Much Is a Three-Pence Coin Worth?

A threepence coin is a historical British coin worth one-eightieth of a pound sterling. The coin was worth the same as three pence. There were 12 pence in 1 shilling and 20 shillings in 1 pound, so there were 240 pence in 1 pound. According to the Royal Mint Museum, a threepence coin would probably be worth 14.4 pence in today’s money.

The threepence coin was part of the British currency system, before Great Britain switched to a decimal based currency system in 1971. Threepence coins were minted in Great Britain from 1547 to 1970. The coin was made in silver and nickel-brass at different times. The front of the coin has a profile of the monarch in power when the coin was minted.

The back has had various designs over the years. For example, the reverse of an Elizabeth II threepence coin has a Tudor portcullis with chains and a coronet on it. The silver threepence coins produced during George VI’s reign show an image of the shield of St. George lying on a Tudor rose. Many of the British threepence coins were minted with a twelve-sided shape, instead of the typical circle. Threepence coins can be sold for a wide variety of prices depending on their age, design and condition.