How Much Does a Smart Car Weigh?

Mick from Northamptonshire, England/CC-BY-2.0

A Smart Car only weighs about 1,500 pounds. The car is just over 8 feet long, less than 5 feet wide and about 5 feet tall. The Smart Car is also known as the Smart Fortwo. This car has been produced since 1998.

Smart Cars are a part of the Daimler-Benz auto family in Germany. Smart Cars do surprisingly well in crash tests despite their small size and low weight relative to all other passenger vehicles on the road. Smart Cars remain intact after a test crash going 70 mph. This is due to the Tridion steel safety shell that encloses the car interior and comprises most of the car’s chassis. A crumple zone at the front of the car lessens impact in a crash. The Smart Car engine is located in the back of the car.