How Much Should a 5-Foot 3-Inch Woman Weigh?

Microzoa/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The weight that a 5-foot 3-inch woman should be varies according several factors, including age, genetics and metabolic rate. According to the body mass index scale, the healthy weight span for women ranging from 5 foot 2 inches to 5 foot 4 inches in height is 110 to 140 pounds. While this scale isn’t exact, weights under that range are consider underweight and those above it are considered overweight.

According to WebMD, a healthy weight for any individual is a range rather than an exact number. The body is designed to keep its weight within this range through its hormones and chemicals. Additionally, personal habits, including exercise and eating habits, play a factor. When a body reaches a new weight, it adjusts its internal actions to maintain it.

Muscle and fat are important items relating to a healthy ideal weight. The American Council on Exercise indicates that muscle mass is proportional to an individual’s metabolic rate, which impacts the body’s ability to burn calories. Someone with a higher muscle mass will have a higher metabolic rate. It is important to remember that muscle is more dense than fat, so an individual who begins an exercise program that causes them to lose fat and gain muscle may not experience much of a change in weight.