How Much Are Retired Daddy Long Legs Dolls Worth?

As of 2015, depending on factors such as the doll’s condition and rarity, a retired Daddy Long Legs doll can be worth from $20 to over $500, notes the collectible doll-pricing website This online store and eBay offer many of these collector items, which were handmade by Karen Germany.

Karen Germany began making these dolls in the late 1980s. However, Daddy Long Legs dolls were produced only until the early 2000s. These are African-American dolls that have dangly legs and come wearing a variety of historical and themed outfits.

At, there are Daddy Long Legs dolls such as Victoria, Sofie and Wildwood Will priced between $425 to $595. However, these dolls are in excellent or mint condition, come in their original boxes and have certificates of authenticity. The eBay website also offers these collectible dolls at varying prices depending on the doll’s condition. Dolls that are in excellent or mint condition are worth more.