How Much Are Rare Royal Doulton Figurines Worth?

The value of rare Royal Doulton figurines varies greatly depending on the figurine and its condition. Pieces with a limited production run, artist signature or a “potted” marking have higher values and fetch higher prices than others.

Royal Doulton is an English company that began making pottery, collectables and figurines in 1815. The company produced thousands of figures in its 200-year history.

Collectors and appraisers can determine the value of a Royal Doulton figurine by examining the markings on the figure. A Royal Doulton mark was used on all figurines starting in 1872 and in 1912, a HN number was added to all figurines to indicate the artist or designer of the piece. Figurines that have a “potted” marking were made prior to 1939 and are considered more valuable than other pieces.

In order to determine the price of a rare Royal Doulton figurine, collectors should have their pieces appraised. Professionals determine value based on rarity, authenticity, quality, color as well as several other factors. They also compare retail, auction and online prices to provide a price range for a particular piece.

In 2012, a man purchased a rare Royal Doulton figurine for about $3 and sold it at auction for about $7,600. Many figurines are worth several hundred dollars, but some are worth several thousand dollars.