How Much Are Rare Dr. Pepper Bottles Worth?

The oldest Dr. Pepper bottles are often priced at $500 to $1,000. Exceptionally rare bottles, such as those from rare cities, sometimes fetch even more.

The first Dr. Pepper was poured in December of 1885. This was half a year before the first Coca-Cola was poured in May of 1886. The most valuable brand name soda bottles are those from the Hutchinson era, the period between the mid 1880s and mid 1910s wherein the Hutchinson Patented Stopper was the most commonly used stopper on soda bottles. The most valuable soda bottles before the time of brand name cola are pontil bottles, whose distinct “pontil” marks on their bottoms indicate that they were made before 1858. Pontil bottles in rare colors and models can be worth up to $12,000.